Ernst Zundel - A Tribute to his Life (by Lady Michele Renouf)

Published on Jul 12, 2020
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On Saturday, August 5th, 2017, Ernst Zündel passed away. Lady Michele Renouf's film company (by the name of "Telling Films") have made several mini-documentaries to promote the cause of freedom of speech. She had associated with Ernst Zündel during his long and protracted persecution for the crime of daring to question historical record of the "Holocaust".
That fact that a "state apparatus" can conspire to "hound" an individual who dares to speak his mind would have been commonplace in the former Soviet Union. And this chilling fact illustrates the kind of "quiet tyranny" that is currently being experienced in many European countries. Even towards the end of his life, Ernst Zündel was not allowed to be reunited with his wife (Ingrid), who was unable to travel to Germany for fear of also being imprisoned for the operation of her web-site ( ).
This wonderful produced film depicts his struggle against an oppressive state government that was determined to silence him, and this film is presented as a tribute to the kind of strength of spirit, that should motivate us all who have a true "hunger & thirst for truth & knowledge".!
Michèle Renouf had also included a scene, in which Ernst Zündel makes a wonderful comment, while riding inside of the car that was arranged for him just after his release from Mannheim Prison in 2010. In this poignant scene, when he was asked how he feels, he replies, "I am unbowed., and nothing they have done to me has changed me in any way.".!
This film also pays tribute to Lady Michèle Renouf herself, who has pursued the cause of "free speech" with great determination and continues to do so with compassion and strength of spirit.!!

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