The Ultimate Red Pill

Published on Jan 24, 2021
The Ultimate Red Pill
by @political_hacker
By Alexander Paterson
None of this content is mine the only reason why I have uploaded these videos is to show the viewer that history has been Rewritten
There is always two sides to a story is just that this story was not televised so I had to go out on my own and find the truth no one helped me I did it all on my own no longer a Mindless wage slave, still a wage slave but that's how it is when you're living in a egalitarian society.
My heart goes out to the German people one day the German Volk Will Rise From the Ashes Like a Phoenix it is up to the people of Europe to save themselves Hitler did all he could. He was a man of peace.
In the end you will have to answer to Jehovah for what you have done. ( Adolf Hitler)
To the German people and the German Volk keep fighting Hail Victory!


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