Psychologist Ron Goldman testifies on circumcision trauma at historic PACE hearing.

Published on Feb 1, 2021
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Like many things we are lied to about circumcision is an evil ritual that not only is sexual mutilation of a baby but it also causes severe trauma to babies which in turn causes SO many physical, mental and emotional problems with men later on in life. The foreskin has one third of the sexual arousal nerve endings needed for sexual intimacy between a man and woman and if you have been circumcised you will most likely experience ED (erectile dysfunction) sometime in your life. Not only that, the foreskin protects the sensitive head of the penis from rubbing against underwear / clothing which further diminishes sensitivity .The foreskin also creates hormones that allow a man to bond to a woman in a emotional or spiritual way, this in turn creates a in-separable bond between the couple. We are told that removal of the foreskin is for cleanliness / health reasons but this couldn't be any farther from the truth. Our Creator made us perfect, the creatures that rule this world do not like the fact we are born perfect (In HIS Image) and they use circumcision to handicap men without them even knowing.
After watching numerous videos on the subject of circumcision I thank our Creator and my parents that they chose not to follow the evil ways of this world. My wife and I also kept our children intact. There was NO way we were going to mutilate our children.


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