Jews and the British Empire. Audio Book..(short) 1935

Published on Oct 24, 2021
The rise of the British Empire is clearly linked to this Jewish
Messianic ideal, bearing to-day the name of Zionism, which aims at
universal economic and financial control to be followed by political
power in every nation.
A short retrospect will make die statement clear.
Throughout the ages, they have had among many devouring
ambitions two specific ones, viz., control of trade and commerce, and
also that of bullion; in present day parlance it signifies control of
national raw materials, of imports and exports, of price-fixing and of
precious metals as also of all channels of distribution.
Holland Supplants Spain.
The gratification of such grandiose ambitions entailed penetration
into all countries productive of supplies as well as the control of means
of transportation by land and sea. Penetration was to be effected by
means of conque5't. Nations were therefore lured, in turn, into under­
taking adventurous campaigns to distant countries and succumbed to
promises of glory and prosperity.
Such is the history of the Spanish and Portuguese World Empires.
Spanish and Portuguese sailors and soldiers fought for the possession of
lands where Jews later implanted their trade. Thus did Portugal have
the monopoly of Oriental trade from 1500 to 1600.
When the arrogance of Jews who, along with wealth, had gained
political power in the Iberian peninsula became unbearable, and when
their undermining of the Christian faith and traditions of those two
countries. led to the Inquisition and their subsequent expulsion, the
Netherlands, having an efficient Navy, were elected to replace the
Portuguese. The Dutch were easily inflamed with the idea of creating
a great Netherland Empire.
Just as the Spaniards and Portuguese had done, they supplied
soldiers, sailors and ships between 1603 and 1640; they drove out the
Portuguese from all their positions at Goa, in the East Indies, Ceylon
and Java-Jewish trade went on unhampered under the new nominal owners,
but it was diverted to Amsterdam and Antwerp.
Cromwell Re-admits Jews.
Just as the Spaniards and Portuguese had done before them, the
Dutch paid with their work, skill and blood for their supremacy as a
maritime power in the 17th century.
The development of England's sea power and spirit of enterprise
under Queen Elizabeth, the foundation of the Company of "the
Governor and Merchants of London trading in the East Indies" in
1600 coincided with the Dutch expansion and made Britain loom as a
possible formidable rival. As Jews were not then openly admitted
into England it meant that the independent British trade, if allowed to
develop unchecked might shatter Jewish monopoly.

Honest Merchants' Warning.
Too late Britain is learning that not she was the ruler of the League
of Nations, but the government which she mistook for her own since
the days of Disraeli.
And as an echo bridging the distance of centuries comes the com­
plaint of those English merchants, true Britons who in 1684, soon after
the Jewish invasion of England under Cromwell, in a case connected
with the East Indies Company, said, "Those Jews are aliens, infidels
and perpetual enemies of the British Crown."


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