BEST Foods to Eat to be HEALTHY | Animal vs. Plant Foods | Veganism, Fiber, & Fats with DR. NATASHA

Published on Jul 6, 2021
What are the best foods to eat to thrive? What foods are causing us to become fatter, sicker, & with disease? What is the purpose of plant foods and why someone should (and shouldn't) eat plants? Do we need fiber in the diet? What do antibiotics do to our immune system? And SO MUCH more with Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, founder of the GAPS diet.

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Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride's Books
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00:00 Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride founder of GAPS Diet
01:50 What causes most diseases & illnesses?
03:18 What influences our mood, brain function, more severe diseases?
04:44 Why do we crave chocolate muffins?
05:20 How do microbes dictate our food preferences?
05:44 Most addictive substance in the world
06:58 What foods are damaging to health? What is glyphosate?
08:06 What do antibiotics do? What does mainstream medicine do to our immune system?
12:50 Two groups of foods, which is easiest to digest/absorb?
14:21 Why plants are inferior to animal foods?
16:50 What kind of fats should you eat? Saturated fats?
18:50 Purpose of eating plants? Why eat plant foods?
19:43 What is veganism? Why is veganism portrayed as being healthy?
23:14 Dirty secrets of long term vegans? What happens when you don't eat animal foods?
25:28 Do we need fiber in the diet?
27:22 How does gut heal with GAPS diet?
29:27 Can you be healthy if you don't eat vegetables?
33:20 Organic foods, cheating, corruption. Stop buying supermarket food!
36:47 Where does Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride find the foods she eats?
39:40 What does Dr. Natasha eat in a day?
40:40 Where to find Dr. Natasha & her work?

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