Jewish Rothschild Family's Controlled Demolition of America

Published on May 29, 2020
"Artificial Intelligence is giving us [Jews] powers and prowess we've never had before. Cyber is a real domain of power" - Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking at Adelson School of Entrepreneurship (14min 08sec mark of this video)
“If they had the power to do to us what we are able to do to them, not one of us would live for an hour. But since they lack the power to do this publicly, they remain our daily murderers and bloodthirsty foes in their hearts.” – Martin Luther (1483-1546): On The Jews and Their Lies: 9/11, p. 141,
• Microsoft, Israeli Mossad cyber terrorists, Russian KGB and Communist China's AI God
• Founder of Jewish Talmudism Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai Sentenced to Hell
• Jewish Kabbalah (Zohar 1,25b) "Exterminate All Non-Jews"
• Israeli Mossad's Elite Cyber Terrorist Group "Unit 8200" Control 100s of Tech Companies In U.S.
• Google Invested $375 Million Into Jared Kushner’s Brother’s A.I. Healthcare Group, Now Eric Schmidt In Control of Gov’t AI Security
• Israeli Mossad Produced Fight Club Film's 9/11 Predictive Programming
• Israel’s PM Netanyahu Launches Airstrikes Against Iran Weeks After Ordering Mossad Attack on Mosque In New Zealand
• John Podesta Linked To New Zealand’s Jewish Sayanim Gang, Who Control NZ Freemason Police Departments and Nationwide Pedophile Network?
• Clinton, Obama International Pedophile Network Linked To Globalist Orchestrated Sri Lanka Bombing?
• Jewish Pedophile Epstein's Link to U.S. Attorney Barr, Jewish Sex Cult NXIVM & Israeli Mossad
• Russian President Vladimir Putin: "85% of Soviet Union Gov't Were Repressive Jews"
• Jewish Bolsheviks Orchestrated Christian Holocaust In Russia (12M), Then Transformed Themselves Into “Survivors” Of “The Holocaust”
• Why Jewish Freemason President FDR Kept Impending Attack on Pearl Harbor Secret
• Jewish President Eisenhower Creates DARPA Which Creates Social Media Weapon ‘LifeLog’ Which Becomes Facebook
• PRESIDENT TRUMAN: 33 Degree Freemason and Father of The Jewish State of Israel
• How The Ancient Jewish Tradition of ‘Fake-Hate’ Created Islam
• Jewish Freemasonry & HSBC Created The Opium Drug Trade
• Israel’s 5G Cell Phone Technology’s Link to Male Sterility and Global Population Reduction
• CIA, Israeli Mossad Financed 80s Hip Hop To ‘Corrupt American Youth’
• The Jewish Invented Cult of Transgenderism’s Bewitching of America
• Jewish Sackler Opioid Empire Founders Linked To JFK Assassination, 72,000 Dead Americans Annually, $80 Billion Yearly Economic Burden
• Jewish Kushner Companies to buy back Vornado’s stake in 666 Fifth Avenue
• Jewish Controlled Google’s Tax-Free $8.9 Billion Dollar Bermuda Post Box Number 666
• Jewish Rothschild Family’s Executive Order 666: Stock Market Plunge Globalist Signal To Trump?


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