"Europe...It's Not White" - A Powerwolf Publication Production

Published on Aug 4, 2020
NATION & RACE: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1517253322
BLACK NAZIS III: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1515178676/
Weronika Kuzniar (V. K. Clark): https://amazon.com/Weronika-Kuzniar/e/B014GA75MA/
My Gleiwitz Incident article on CODOH: https://codoh.com/library/document/6340/?lang=en
My HTT article on IH: http://inconvenienthistory.com/9/3/4880
On CODOH: https://codoh.com/library/authors/2723/
ON ARCHIVE: https://archive.org/details/@wilk_mocy_publications
Truth for Germany: An Interview $12.00
Otherness in Nazi Germany $25.00
Military History: Best of Collected Works $20.00
An Afro-German Family in Nazi Germany $20.00
The Other Nazis $12.00
hitler & himmler UNCENSORED $25.00
Warwolves of the Iron Cross: Swastika and Scimitar $20.00
The Gleiwitz Incident: Nazi False Flag or Media Hoax? Volume 1 $30.00
The Gleiwitz Incident: Nazi False Flag or Media Hoax? Volume 2 $30.00
The Gleiwitz Incident: Nazi False Flag or Media Hoax? Supplement Manual $12.00
Black Nazis (Tetralogy Version/Edition) $25.00
Jewish-Zionist Warmongering $12.00
The Controversy of Black Nazis II $12.00
Nazi Diversity $15.00
Breaking Hitler $12.00
Nation & Race $30.00
Black Nazis III: Ethnic Minorities and Foreigners in Hitler's Reich $25.00
Idi Amin & Adolf Hitler: Madman Propaganda $12.00
Warwolves of the Iron Cross: The Hyenas of High Finance $25.00
Crystal Night, 1938: Nazi Pogrom or Zionist Scheme? $25.00
National Socialist Christian (banned by Amazon) $20.00
Who Created the EU Migrant Crisis and Why? $10.00
Managing Our Perception of the Third Reich $15.00
Albion & Zion United $20.00
World Freemasonry Unveiled $12.00
The Hitler Worship Cult $15.00
"Hitler's" Table Talk? $12.00
Hitler's Most Significant Speech: Limited Collector’s Edition $25.00
Warwolves of the Iron Cross: The Union Jackal $20.00


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