Book on the Quadrivium: Ancient Mysticism Knowledge (*info⬇)

Published on Jul 19, 2020
Air: pure abstraction, arithmetic of numbers.
Earth: geometry, arithmetic of space.
Water: music, arithmetic of time.
Fire: astronomy, arithmetic of space and time.

The Pentacle is a pentagram surrounded by a circle, the fifth side is the spirit representing the head. The Squared Circle is the Quadrivium overlapped by the Trivium enclosed in a circle. There's two circles, an inner circle and outer circle, representing As Above So Below; As Below So Above. It's also called the Philosopher's Stone.

3:45 is the Kiss of Venus chapter and you can see the outer, upright pentagram and the inner, inverted pentagram.

My review of Quadrivium, The four Classical Liberal Arts of Number, Geometry, Music & Cosmology.

Quadrivium by John Martineau et al.
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