Published on Aug 17, 2021
00:00:54 .Hey folks, Mark Emery here on behalf of the National Action Task Force. NATF. This is an emergency message that I want to get out to the world, as you know, or you likely Darn well should know that humanity is under a direct frontal assault by the globalists AKA Satanists, who are out to reduce the population of the world as per the Georgia.
00:01:26 Guidestones. If you haven't heard of that, we'll look it up. This is a multi-front attack. And just to recap, I'm sure many of you are well informed. Some of you may not be. So just to recap, what we have going on right now is a eugenics event to exterminate large sections of the population, starting with the jab,
00:01:57 right? You know, or should know, that tens of thousands of people are dying from this, that many tens or hundreds of thousands more are having their lives ruined with permanent serious life, altering life-changing side effects. And those who don't have immediate effects will most certainly based on the contents of what's going into their body, be affected within the next year to two years.
00:02:39 This is an attempt to change your DNA, which has God-given, God purposed. And this change in your DNA is going to have horrific consequences for your eternity. All right, now I'm not here tonight to tell you what's going on. You should already be well aware of what's going on. Well, we're going to talk about here tonight is what to do about it.
00:03:15 There are untold numbers of watchmen who are telling you what's going on, keeping us informed, and God bless them for doing it. All right. Now, it's time to put the rubber to the road. I'm a practical guy. I like to have information, but information is useless if you cannot put it to use in a practical manner, that gets results.
00:03:45 So we're under a multi-pronged attack. Yeah. The satanists are trying to control and reduce the food supply. You should know very well. What's going on with the food supply. Much of this is an effect, the side effect of the covid scam, which is fake, false and fabricated. All right, but they want to control you with the food. They want to control you with the money coming out with central bank digital currencies.
00:04:24 CBDC's they'll know every move that you make. They're controlling the weather with HAARP. If you're not familiar with harp is the harp system. Look it up. H A.A. R P. And you know, what's going on around the world with the floods, with the fires. In addition to all the convulsions that the earth is going through, this is dislocating millions of people.
00:04:59 So between the lockdowns, which is destroying the economy and your ability to maintain economic solvency. So between the destruction of the economy, with the lockdowns between COVID vaccinations or injections, I'm not going to call them vaccinations because by definition, it's not a vaccination. You don't get vaccinated for anything. It's a gene therapy life, changing with those injections, killing people,
00:05:33 or setting them into this permanent disability either now or in the near future, with the control of the food, with the control of the money, which is coming upon us imminently, they want you dependent and sad to say your local politicians going along with the narrative. All right, those who have a position to be of some influence for the positive, for the good of you and your neighbors.
00:06:12 They're not doing what's necessary. In fact, that being the case, they are complicit. They're complicit with this false narrative that is destroying humanity. So it's time for you, me and everybody, you know, and everybody that I know to get in their face and make a difference. And that's what I'm going to show you tonight. I'm going to show you a practical,
00:06:43 step-by-step simple procedure and action that each one of us can take. And each one of us must take to get after these criminals to root them out and to take care of business for far too long, we, the people have abdicated our responsibility to control our errant public servants, to control our society.
00:07:20 And if we don't start taking responsibility for what's going on, you can kiss your ass goodbye one way or another. You will be dependent. You will be living with Jackboot thugs hanging on your neck. You'll be controlled. You'll be in manipulated. And what the papers are all saying, about the white papers, the plans, the business plans that these people have,
00:07:55 you will likely be exterminated. We're dealing in 1938, Nazi, Germany all over again. Only this time, the tools are much more effective than what Hitler used. All right, so let's get busy. Let me show you what we're going to do and what the plan of action is. Again, we're going to get in the face of each and every one of your local politicians,
00:08:27 law enforcement, media, and others in a position of influence to either go along with the narrative or to reject it and tell the truth. Everyone's going to be faced with making tha


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