Jim and Diane, Update, Oct 28, 2021

Published on Oct 29, 2021
Jim's Thoughts on the Medical System
Censorship - Jim's BLOGSPOT.
Diane's Letter to Target and B&N

RE: 21st Century Book Burning (Banning)
*** Not Guilty At Nuremberg, a book written by notorious Holocaust denier Carlos Porter
*** The German-language novel Der Auschwitz-Mythos: Legende oder Wirklichkeit? (“The Auschwitz Myth – Legend or Reality?”), by Wilhelm Stäglich, [a judge] a former officer in the German army during World War II and a neo-Nazi party member.
*** Germar Rudolf’s Eine Zensur Findet Statt! (“A Censorship is Taking Place!”), written to protest German authorities’ ban on his antisemitism and Holocaust denial.
*** Was Ist Wahrheit? (“What is Truth?”), by the French Communist Paul Rassinier, one of the earliest Holocaust deniers.

The present day book burning comes in the form of LITERARY BULLYING - censorship. I’m APPALLED that you are a part of this draconian tactic. I’ve been a customer of Target and B&N for over 25 years, being able to acquire books from you I couldn’t obtain elsewhere. I had considered you free speech advocates. UNTIL TODAY.

EVERY aspect of history is (and should be) questioned or at least discussed (I discovered) except one. Even the existence of God is questioned and discussed with impunity (something that maybe used to be prohibited) NOT any more. But NOT the issues relating to WWII, especially the ‘holocaust’. WHAT are they afraid of?

Stated: “We assume these large online booksellers do not mass-market books promoting terrorism or pedophilia,” said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, SWC associate dean and global social action director.

Really? Investigating history? When child porn is being promoted in the school libraries throughout the country, this Rabbi is worried about historical inquiry? Staglich was a judge, whose book was NOT a novel. “It was based on his service late in the war as chief of an anti-aircraft battery near Auschwitz. It is an eyewitness report essentially of things he did not see (a difficult kind of report).” Rassinier was a communist inmate at Buchenwald again writing what he DID NOT see - extremely credible sources. Germar Rudolf writing a book about censorship - THAT’S CENSORED!!! Carlos Porter’s book about the travesty of Nuremberg - I just might want to learn FOR MYSELF.

Stated: “At a time of surging antisemitic hate crimes here in the US, it is beyond the pale that a book would be marketed by someone who insults the memory of six million Jewish victims of the Nazi genocide.”

I want to read about and discuss it. The books are out there in many forms - why would you BOW to these literary tyrants/bullies. This IS the United States, you know, ‘land of the free, home of the brave’ maybe except with Barnes and Noble (Amazon) and Target. What about my “hurt feelings” of being told what I can read or not from those who run the ‘nanny’ state - in this case, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and their cohorts!!!??? How about declaring our independence from THAT and the other censorship agencies.

Your cowardice is appalling.

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