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Published on Nov 1, 2021
The Stairway of Perfection 1395 Christian Mysticism by Walter Hilton
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Chapter 1 starts at 16min
Chapter 15 starts at 50min

I. That the inward state of the Soul should be like the outward

II. Of the Active Life, and the Exercises and the Works thereof

III. Of the Contemplative Life, and the Exercises and Works thereof
IV. Of three Sorts that be of Contemplation, and of the First of them
V. Of the Second Sort of Contemplation
VI. Of the Lower Degree of the Second Sort of Contemplation
VII. Of the Higher Degree of the Second Sort of Contemplation
VIII. Of the Third Sort of Contemplation
IX. Of the Difference that is betwixt the Second and Third Sort of
X. How that Appearings or Shewings to the Corporal Senses or Feelings may
be both good and evil
XI. How thou shalt know whether the Showing or Apparition to the bodily
Senses and Feelings be good or evil
XII. How and in what things a Contemplative Man should be busied
XIII. How virtue beginneth in Reason and Will and is perfected in Love and
Liking, or Affection
XIV. Of the Means that bring a Soul to Contemplation
XV. (i) What a Man should use and refuse by the virtue of Humility

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