10 Abandoned Top Secret Technologies

Published on May 16, 2021
From abandoned nuclear facilities to secret tunnels under cities and some expensive military infrastructure, here are 10 abandoned and secret technologies.

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10: Camp Century
Camp Century was a secret nuclear research facility first constructed by the United States military Between 1959 and 1960. It was constructed deep beneath the Greenland ice cap. While this secret nuclear facility was labeled as a base for scientific research, the facility was actually part of an extremely secret project known as Project Iceworm, and it was actually designed to keep nukes in storage in case of a necessary nuclear strike against the U.S.S.R due to all-out conflict.

9: Cincinnati Subway
One of the biggest secret technologies in Cincinnati is right beneath everybody's feet, as reported by The Verge. Most people who live in Cincinnati probably don't have any clue there is an entire subway system beneath the city streets. The Cincinnati subway system is America’s most extensively abandoned metro.

8: The Chicago Mega Station
Another abandoned and poorly thought out infrastructure project is home in Chicago. You might remember this huge bungle from just a few years ago. It happened when the City of Chicago decided to bury roughly 400 million dollars of taxpayers’ money into something known as the Block 37 CTA Superstation, constructed in the very center of downtown.

7: China’s Unused Plutonium
If you thought America has a way of messing up infrastructure projects and basically throwing money down the drain, take a look at China. Specifically, take a look at their 883-million-dollar nuclear military facility. This facility lurks beneath the Sichuan Mountains in China, where the largest artificial tunnel and the largest artificial cave structure on the planet are located.

6: The Underground Nazi City
The Nazis we're basically a bunch of ants scurrying around trying to build the most impressive technology of the 1940s. They were all over the world, they were developing weapons, they were building impressive facilities, and they were trying to build the largest underground city in the world. This was in 1943 when the Nazis basically realized they were not going to win any wars ever again.

5: The Maginot Line
The Maginot Line is a series of semi-subterranean concrete fortresses all connected through an underground railway. According to History, the border fortress was constructed in the 1930s as a method to prevent a German invasion of France. The name of the line was given after Andre Maginot, who was the French minister of war during that time.

4: Norwegian Naval Base
The Norwegian Naval Base of Olavsvern was built in the late 1960s and costed roughly 500 million at the time, roughly $3.8 billion in today’s currency. This incredible naval base was literally carved into the side of the mountain like something from a James Bond movie. There was absolutely no expense spared when constructing the base, filling it with the most advanced technology money could buy at the time.

3: The Doomed Super Collider
Stepping away from old and abandoned military technology, let's take a look at the superconducting super collider, also known as the SSC, also known as the Deserton. Most people are familiar with the super collider in Switzerland that recently discovered the Higgs boson God particle. Well, it could have been discovered by the superconducting super collider in taxes.

2: North Dakota Safeguard Complex
Located in Nekoma, North Dakota, is the abandoned remnants of one of the biggest wastes of money ever. In fact, the Stanley R. Mickelsen Safeguard Complex is a bewildering waste of taxpayer money. It was completed in April of 1975 at a cost of roughly 6 billion dollars. The complex was top of the line, built beneath a bizarre pyramid structure, and designed to provide launch and control for both short-range and long-range anti-ballistic missiles.

1: The Most Expensive Abandoned Technology
Let me introduce you to one of europe's largest military facilities, now completely abandoned and useless. The Zeljava Air Base was constructed by the Yugoslav armed forces between the 1940s and the 1960s. It was constructed under a mountain at a secret location – though not so secret anymore – on what is now the border of Croatia and Bosnia.

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