Published on Nov 8, 2020
Guru-krpa: I've heard that in Russia the people are so eager to read imported literature that any literature appears they immediately buy it.
Prabhupada: Yes.
Tamala Krsna: There's a black market going on in Russia, particularly black market on books. Books are smuggled into the country and sold and they're very dearly read. People are very anxious.
Prabhupada: Yes. They must be because they are keeping in darkness.
Tamala Krsna: Yes.
Prabhupada: These nasty countries, in the name of giving them material facility, they'll kill them, even they're independence. Such a horrible country. How people can tolerate loss of independence? It is very horrible. I am sitting here 24 hours, this is another thing, but if I understand that I cannot go out, I have to sit down here, oh it is horrible. It is a horrible condition. Simply this impression that I have to keep myself within this room, although I am keeping myself, I am not going, only for walk maybe. But if the impression is that I cannot go out from this room, then my life is lost. This is psychology. So, they are keeping their young men. They are not allowed to go out of the country, in Russia. Similarly in China.
Tamala Krsna: Even more so.
Prabhupada: So what kind of government it is? It is a horrible government. And they are hackney only in Lenin literature. These communist country, the people are forced to accept the government regulation. And that is all bad. I have seen in Moscow, generally the people are morose, their face not very happy. They are also Europeans, they want freedom to go here and there (indistinct).

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