Humiliati - Nuclear Scare Scam pt 1 All the good messages lofi losci lecture galen winsor nukewave

Published on Oct 25, 2021
galen winsor nuclear scare scam lecture with lofi hip-hop jazz meaningwave nukewave
On the reality of nuclear contamination actually being a reusable energy resource and maybe just maybe all of the hoopla on how dangerous nuclear radioactivity is pervasively spread in the media to keep people afraid of a very democratic technology that could free humanity from being bound to power companies.

Galen Winsor describes his hands-on experience with used nuclear fuel and radioactive materials part 1 of lofi jazz meaingwave original mix.

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his story is unique, to say the least. Galen has been in 77 different cities in the last two years lecturing on the subject of nuclear energy. The majority of his life, the last 35 years, he spent processing plutonium from nuclear reactor sites. He has worked in the Manhattan Project facilities in Hanford, Washington; Oak Ridge National Laboratories and Nuclear Plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee; General Electric’s Midwest Fuel Recovery Plant in Morris, Illinois; General Electric’s Fuel Fabrication Facility in San Jose, California and Wilmington, North Carolina; and he has worked in every major reactor decommissioning project around this nation up to this present time. His major work in these projects has been in the analytical process inventory control, which means that he was responsible for the measuring and controlling the nuclear fuel inventory for these projects. Galen Winsor has few peers in the world in this area of expertise, and those few peers admittedly know and agree with the things that you’ll be hearing on this tape; however, except for two or three of these experts, they have all chosen to remain silent for reasons which only they know

Galen Winsor describes his hands-on experience with used nuclear fuel and radioactive materials part 1 of lofi fallout jazz meaingwave original mix. china threatens japan with nukes
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