Creepy sounding musical chords and their creation….

Published on Aug 26, 2021
I came across this video, originally titled ‘The Mother of All Chords (really)’ on Rick Beato’s you tube channel - it’s channel about Music Theory fyi, he is not discussing the JQ in any way!
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This video is a brief discussion of a few all-interval twelve-tone row chords

It was Arnold Schoenberg who developed the twelve-tone technique, he was a major influencer in this era of “modern” composition. He was also Jewish and his work was forbid from being published by the Nazi party for being ‘degenerate’

In the video you will hear such eerie, unsettling and frightening musical sounds as;

The mother chord created by Fritz Heinrich Klein (student of Alban Berg; contemporary of Schoenberg)

The Grandmother chord created by Nicolas Slonimsky (a Russian Jew) 

Although the connection may not seem immediately obvious here, I find it interesting when I stumble across something like this. I see it as a reminder that we don’t even realise the extend to which the “culture” around us has been created. 

Music has a very powerful effect on our emotions and well being. What is the effect of listening to music that is structured to be jarring and unsettling….?? This sort of music if often used in horror films to put the audience in a state of terror and bring you to the edge of your seat. 
I don’t think it necessary in a healthy society to have music for this purpose, I believe it’s a tool in creating the experience of fear that we have gotten so used to.

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