Inventing External Enemies to Control Sheeple in 'BBC Power of Nightmares'

Published on Oct 9, 2021
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Inventing an external enemy is a proven trick to control sheeple. They unite in servitude to the jew being scared by it. Another major function of it is to justify the existence of military goons, whose only real purpose is to suppress riots of goyim, completely fed up with jews killing and looting them. If goyim finally kill and disperse regular police goons, the last bastion of jews are military goons. They must be heavily armed to kill goyim in large numbers, because if they fail, the jews' ass is busted for good.
Jews expose this strategy themselves in this episode of BBC 'Power of Nightmares', showing Bin Laden [BEN = SON in Hebrew] and USSR as external enemies used on western stupid goyim for their enslavement and destruction.


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