The Descent into Slavery 1980-audio book pt1 Des Griffin

Published on Oct 20, 2021

Immediately following the war the British government, acting
on orders from their hidden masters in the City, clamped a blockade on Germany. This move had a devastating effect on the
German people. On March 4th, 1919, Winston Churchill declared
in the House of Commons that Britain was "enforcing the blockade
with vigor. . . This weapon of starvation falls mainly on the
women and children, upon the old, the weak and the poor. . ."
(The Nation, June 21, 1919, p. 980)
Professor Quigley tells us that "the results of the blockade
were devastating. Continued for nine months after the armistice,
it caused the deaths of 800,000 persons. . ." (Tragedy and Hope,
p. 261). During the four years of the war Germany lost 1,600,000
dead. The German death rate during the blockade was five and
a half times higher than during the war!

The final 'treaty,' reached with the connivance of the International Bankers, was recognized as a cruel hoax by many observers.
Philip Snowden, who later became a member of the British Parliament, made an accurate assessment: "The treaty should satisfy
brigands, imperialists and militarists. It is the death-blow to those
who expected the end of the war to bring peace. It is not a peace
treaty, but a declaration of another war. It is the betrayal of
democracy and of the fallen in the war. The treaty exposes the
true aims of the Allies" (Empire of "The City," p. 42).
Lord Curzon stated that the agreement reached at Versailles
was "not a peace treaty, it is simply a break in hostilities."
Lloyd-George later observed that "we have written a document
that guarantees war in twenty years. . . When you place conditions on a people [Germany] that it cannot possibly keep, you
force it either to breech the agreement or to war. P119

Germany in the early 1930's was an International Banker
created time-bomb, waiting for a Hitler type individual to come on
the scene and seize control.
The thoroughly documented evidence regarding the heavy
involvement of leading American banking and industrial interests
in the rise of Hitler's Third Reich is a matter of public record.

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