Tony Blair 2003

Published on Aug 9, 2020
Prime Minister - The Final Countdown - Tony Blair lies with Women pre Iraq Invasion, without UN 2nd resolution, after massing over 30 million protesting at 800 Cities finally Proving Democracy is invented

David Kelly (weapons expert)murdered

Robin Cook Foreign Secretary resigned and subsequently murdered.

Tony Benn, George Galloway resign. Labourt part split. Then Replubian part resign Donald Rumswelt

Charles Kennedy - liberal democrats leader dead, who oppose Iraq war.

yasser arafat poisoned with polonium

Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, Koffee Anan, Hugo Chavez (dead, possibly murdered) - call for Tony Blair as War Criminal.

Weapons Inspectors all returned with their findings that Iraq has no WMD, this was shown to George Bush in 2000 - 2003, where he lied to Congress from his CIA reports. CIA workers were then sacked and publicially reveled.

Total Iraqi Population 24 million.

previously - 1991 1st gulf war - massive quanties of Depleted Uranium fired causing mass death and genetic deformaties lasting of the half-life of that radiation (million years)

1991 - 2003 1 million iraqies dead from sanctions.

2003 - today 1.5 million iraqies murdered, 4 million refugees, 4 million injured or seriously injured, even larger quanties of Depleted Uranium dropped causing massive increases in cancer and birth defects.

Full blown civil war with Sunni, Shia and Kurds. Haditha and Fallujah cities completely destroyed.

No ivestigation into World trade Centre 7 collapsing despite not being hit by plane. BBC reported 26 minutes before world trade center 7 collapsed that it did. The Commision report completely ignored this.

EDM 1180 - hydro carbon law passed Iraqi oil and gas to foreign countires for next 60 years, passed in UK.

Bath party disbanded putting 1.5 million people of out work. Tony Blair said publically that Iraqies would accept western intervention to remove Saddam Hussain, which was another lie, Iraqies want the West out of their own country.

Puppet leaders installed in Iraq.

Syria then accepts millions of refugees which then destablised Syria. Libya (Oil rich lost and now in debt, previously had no debt and never invaded another country), Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan (2 majour gas pipelines taken from Taliban), Pakistan, Lebanon, Palestine and Sudan have been bombed at same time.

Palestine then invaded twice causing mass destruction by Israel, all aid blocked, along with food, and mass housing shortage afer 90,000 homes destroyed, polluted water supply and humanitarian crisis created. Yasser Arafat then murdered with Polonium radiation put into toothpaste by Mossad. This was discovered in his body and clothes by investigation in Switzerland by scientists. This had gone unknown for many years. Potentially Chavez may have been too poisioned.

Egypt has large protest to remove Muburak (another pro western puppet leader), country has first democratic vote and Morsi is brought to power. West the stage a cue and put Sisi (another pro western puppet leader), then imprison and execute any protest in Egypt. Tony Blair approves Egypt dictator thus countering reasons for Iraq invasion.

All western media refuse to call Sisi a political cue in Egypt.

For lies on WMD no one has been charged, despite 3 court investions in UK that has been quashed. Cameron prevents evidence being brought forward to investigation.

Despite having no WMD, next reason given was democracy, despite the largest protest on the planet Earth, the biggest movement of people ever for a cause not to go to War.

Saddam Hussain was hung, the real reasons of war continue, causing death every day. The interim government had Saddam Hussain in court during a foreign occupation, there was no international court handling this which is illegal.

Saddam Hussain accused Kuwait of taking Iraqi oil from the border. Oil wells are flat in layers under the earth, they never go straight down from a point.

Malaysia first country in world to offically recognise Tony Blair and George Bush as War Criminals and will be charged if they enter country.

Bradley Manning releases huge stock piles of files on USA war crimes done daily, revealing that the newly installed Iraqi government with USA torture civilians, thus argument of Saddam Hussain removal is dissolved. Susequently Bradley manning receives 35 years in prison and has been tortured. Video evidence of slaugter shown of civilians, despite that one is charged. Leaks show that UK and USA have commited Geneva conventions war crimes of unproveked war and torture on a Country incapable of defending itself and made illegal to protect itself.

Tony Blair and George Bush have received vast wealth since invasion and have become some of the wealthyest people on Earth.

Tony Blair in an interview actually uses as one of the reasons of going to war with Iraq, the Iraq - Iran war, where both USA and UK were allies with Saddam Hussain and sold him WMD, chemical weapons rockets.


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