Madd Cold - Eternal Bolivarian (Parts I/V and II/V) [HUGO CHAVEZ UNDERGROUND HIPHOP RAP TRIBUTE)

Published on Sep 26, 2021
From Madd Cold's Album: Son of Kufa Volume 1: Rise of the Anomaly
Cover art by @hanz_revo on Instagram
Madd Cold's political analysis website:
The Eternal Bolivarian I:
Comandante’s First Ascent
Comandante Chavez, it is
hard for me to believe that
you left/Impossible, how
could the unstoppable heart
of a giant simply cease to
beat in his chest/Let me take a seat and just rest/Take the deepest of breaths/I can feel the
tears coming, gotta keep ‘em in check/‘cause your spirit of defiance is fearlessly alive in
every heart on every block in Caracas/
Took neoliberalism to war and put a stop to its
profits/9 million Venezuelans on the streets just to see you one more time/They adored you
and you adored them more, it’s raw truth, that the people loved your shine/They’ll defend
your legacy from all the enemies, leeches and donkeys, we pray the Zionist Jew Capriles
Radonski, and his evil thugs all die/They ain’t going back to the era of the oligarchy, usury
and slavery/Bolivar wakes every one hundred years and, you were the awakening/Gave
your people justice, unity and bravery/
Took the nation to its best, liberation in the flesh,
your revolutionarily perfect soul embodied it/Latin American eyes of Messiah 3isa,
protector of his energy, rejecter of hegemony, you are Venezuela’s undeterred, unbroken
guardian/Resurrected fire of Che, inspired an age, your words have molded warriors/Hugo
Chavez, you are the Eternal Bolivarian/Realm of immortality you went from the mud huts
on the merchant roads of Barinas/Hugo, you are determined, bold and glorious/
Viva, Chavez!
Viva Venezuela!
Viva la Revolucion Bolivariana!
The Eternal Bolivarian II:
Struggle For Venezuela:
After the Caracazo
massacre, you had said you
will never be a tool
again/Started up a
movement and called to
your fellow military officers to help you bring the oligarchy right to its end/Something
moved in them/And they stood with you, looked to you and on February 4 , 1992, you th
attacked the serpent to remove its head/But it didn’t work, you were in prison hurt and the
revolutionary coup was dead/And still you refused to bend/You did your time, came out
stronger with an even more prolific mind, went to Cuba so the good that you were trying to
do could spread/
Went straight back to the grassroots to free the minds of the trapped
youth, told them bluntly nevermore would they lose or dread/ Won the elections and gave
birth to a real democracy/Implemented the Bolivarian Constitution to stop confusion and
kill bureaucracy/Took PDVSA’s petrol and gave it to the oppressed souls, the oil barons’
companies got wrecked cold, you left those thieves with their bets froze, and the revolution
made a steady run/
Nationalized everything you could and gave health care to
everyone/Made illiteracy extinct and took poverty to the brink, built dozens of universities,
whoa, and over 13,000 clinics to bludgeon the new emergency flow under imperialism’s
heavy gun/Triumphed over the Abrams and Reich coup, Satans don’t like you ‘cause their
schemes were foiled twice/First on April 10 ‘02 and then they played again later in the th
year but you reamed their oil strike/Cut off the disloyal types and gave a crushing to
malnourishment and homelessness, the ultimate commander of the land, Venezuelans now
get their dreams from you/Unified Latin America, Hugo, Chavez, you are Bolivar’s dream
come true/
Viva, Chavez!
Viva Venezuela!
Viva la Revolucion Bolivariana!


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