Monologue from JOJO RABBIT (Elsa explains the Jews)

Published on May 15, 2021
In the words of Alyssa Edwards, I'M BACK BACK BACK BACK AGAIN!!! After taking a month-long hiatus to finish my college degree, I'm so happy to be uploading again! I wanted to jump back in with a piece from one of my favorite films, Jojo Rabbit! I adore everything about this movie's witty screenplay and heartfelt message - it's such a joy to watch and I never get sick of it!

In this scene, Thomasin McKenzie's character, Elsa, is telling a fabricated and fantastical account of the Jewish race to her young "Nazi" friend, Jojo. It's so humorous to see Jojo just lap up everything that Elsa says and see her find amusement in spreading on each layer. I think every actor in this film is brilliant especially Thomasin and Roman (who play Elsa and Jojo respectively). Their chemistry was truly something to behold and they both brought such heart and cleverness to each of their roles.

I had so much fun playing with the accent here - I want to start working on more pieces with dialects/accents! If you haven't seen this film before, I cannot recommend it enough! It is amazing in every sense of the word!

Thanks so much for being here once again and thank you for being patient through my last month of school! I'm so thrilled to have the time to make videos again!

Stay well,

Do you want me to tell you about the jews? In the beginning, we used to live in caves. Deep deep in the center of the Earth. Scary places filled with strange wonderful creatures all with one thing in common. The love of art. After many years of developing magic and spells, we slowly moved out of the caves and into the towns. Some of us stayed in the caves though in animal bodies. Here, I’ll draw them for you. (draws picture) It would be better with color. The horns are under the hair. I don’t have mine yet, I’m too young. They grow when you turn 21. These days we live among normal people but often we take over a house and hang from the ceiling like bats. Oh, and another thing is we can read each other’s minds. Not german minds though, their heads are too thick for us to penetrate. Like birds, our true language sounds like singing. And we’re also attracted to shiny things - crystals, glass, and gold. Did you get all that?


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