Firefox vs Brave: The Most Private Browser Debunked.

Published on Nov 3, 2021
Firefox vs Brave comparison, which is the most private?! Let's as objectively as possible see where each (or neither) browser excels for your privacy & security.

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00:00 Introduction
00:30 Are they FOSS?
00:55 How do they treat FOSS?
01:29 Who's Behind The Project/Company?
01:55 Funding Sources Explained
04:00 Relationships to Big Tech
05:30 Browser Engines
06:41 Sketchy Moments & Scandals
10:14 Out-of-the-box Concerns
13:15 Are they SPYWARE?!?!
13:25 Technical Security Overview
14:24 Fingerprinting Protections
15:02 Extension Availability
16:07 Multi-device Syncing Comparison
16:49 Clients Compared (Very VERY subjective, Try both!)
17:40 Notable Features
19:48 Out-of-the-box Security Features
21:08 Out-of-the-box Privacy Features
22:32 Hardening Options
23:34 Final Notes, Comments, & Takeaways!
#brave #firefox #comparison

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