The 6 Moral Foundations by Lara Hammock (Birdman movie gif)

Published on Nov 30, 2020

BIRDMAN explores this classic conflict: Achieving our greatest desires often requires that we overcome our greatest fears.

An actor standing before a crowd, an announcer sitting before a live radio microphone, an entrepreneur pitching an idea to investors, or a writer facing the blank page…all carry the excitement of opportunity and achievement…if we can access a confidence that is greater than our fear of failure.

That is the struggle between Freud's ID and EGO. Here the ego is not to be confused with narcissistic egotism. It is the ID that drives our dreams and passions, often unbridled and without constraint. It is the EGO that struggles to conform the ID's dreams and bring them to some form of reality. Wanting something badly enough requires that we face the reality and the difficulties that stand in the way of our dreams.

Pretending leads to rejection; but
Actualizing leads to acceptance.

The Righteous Mind: My Summary and Takeaways

Intuitions come
1st, (90% "chimpanzee" selfish human behaviors; Sigmund Freud's id)
Strategic reasoning
2nd (10% "beehive", altruistic cooperation; bees are hierarchical, have a division of labor, and they are cooperative and altruistic within the context of their hive)

Higher IQ means you can generate more arguments for the side your elephant is already leaning towards but doesn't necessarily mean you are closer to the truth.

1) Harm/Care (empathy for people who suffer)
2) Liberty/Oppression (our natural reaction against bullies and tyrants)
3) Fairness/Cheating (you reap what you sow; karma)

COLLECTIVE RIGHTS OR VALUES CATEGORY: 4, 5 & 6; (tight cohesion strategy so when your group faces attack, you'll have the organization to be able to fend it off)
4) Loyalty/Betrayal (reward team players, ostracize those that dishonor the group)
5) Authority/Subversion (response to hierarchy imbalances)
6) Sanctity/Degradation (whatever triggers a purity/sacredness reflex)

When interpreting their opponent's reasoning, liberals fail and conservatives do much better.

These foundations are like moral tastebuds: red🔴 for sweet, yellow🟡 for sour, blue🔵 for salty, and green🟢 for bitter. Quadrivium, 4/5 Pentacle. Lara uses the analogy of controls on an equalizer with dials set to up, down or in-between.

WEIRD (Values individual contributions whereas other nations value the contributions of the collective such as China.)
Western, Educated
Industrialized, Rich & Democratic

Too much emphasis on individuality tears at the fabric of group cohesiveness. Too much emphasis on collective morality tends to oppress and harm some individuals for the potential benefit of the group as a whole.


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