Globe-Earth Heliocentric Theory breeds apathy/nihilism, removes your importance & denies The Creator

Published on Mar 4, 2021
AUDIO from 24/7 flat earth discord live (Conversation with Witsit Gets It). Produced and edited by Macro Cloud.

The heliocentric model denies intelligent design; it denies a higher source that created you, me, and the earth we stand upon. It denies our objective reality in order to replace our true creator/designer with a hierarchy of men that claim to have highest authority.

Based on a demoralizing philosophy where life came from nothing, with no purpose, where earth has no mystery, all can be comprehended, and when one dies, one returns to nothing.

A spherical globe sets the stage for an unintelligent universe governed by chaos. In this construct there is no order, no intelligence. In this model, man & his hierarchy are "gods" (the only source of intelligence). The shape isn't the endgame, your alliance to their authority is.

Luciferian-gnostic alchemists are running the show. Pro-pagan ads (propaganda) on your vision screens.

Creationists (those who praise the Most High) vs. the architects (deniers of Most High... the builders, the masons, developers of their own existence, satanists, luciferians, worshipers of their own consciousness).

All Praises to the Most High, Ahayah Asher Ahayah (I Am That I Am)!

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