Milton Friedman about capitalism and greed; Bobby Fischer talks about the Jews communities

Published on Jan 24, 2021
Is this Milton Friedman?.
Theodor Herzl founder of zionism on freemasons.
Napoleon bonaparte on the jews case:
Must mention that apparently Napoleon Bonaparte was initiated as freemason but doesnt look like he reached a high degree freemaosn. And seems he also didnt simpatize that much with them.
Bonaparte cririzicing freemaons:
When Napoleon Bonaparte came to power, he made his brother, Joseph, Master of the Grand Orient, but he made clear his own cynical position towards the end of his life, from his exile on Saint Helena: "Freemasons are a pile of imbeciles who assemble for good cheer, and for the execution of many ridiculous follies. Nevertheless, they have carried out good actions from time to time."
Bonaparte relationship with freemasonry:
Why Napoleon, although making Freemasonry part of his government policy, did not want to directly participate in the work of any Lodge or even Grand Lodge? There is no doubt that if he showed even the slightest desire – he would immediately be offered the highest and most honourable title in the Order.
If we know Napoleon’s character, the answer to this question is quite obvious: it was not enough for him to be “first among equals”, he had to be “above” the equality. The Bonaparte family was descended from an ancient Florentine aristocratic family. Napoleon had every right to add the title of count to his family name, but he never took advantage of this opportunity. Such petty ambition was not for him. But he couldn’t let anyone call himself “brother” either.
For the same reason, Napoleon at one time renounced the title of Marshal – it was enough for him that he was the commander in chief “de facto”. Ranks and titles were not attractive to him in any way. Napoleon was only interested in real power, preferably absolute. Having received it together with the imperial title, Napoleon satisfied his ambitions. In this case, the imperial throne, he called “a piece of wood”, and sitting at the same table with the crowned royals of Europe, could afford to throw the phrase: “When I had the honour of being a junior lieutenant …”.
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