How to Make Pemmican that Actually Tastes Good!

Published on Feb 3, 2021
Dare I call this a success?! It was definitely a winner in terms of taste. As we mentioned in the video, our meat preparation technique was better the first time. Watch our first pemmican video here:
Recipe for Tasty Pemmican:
264 g dried beef (eye of round)-ideally ground up to a powder
66 g bacon grease (melted)
66 g beef tallow (melted) (Check out our Skillshare class on rendering fat! Get 2 free months with this link (
27 g dried cranberries (unsweetened)-ground up with beef
1 shot of raw local honey
Salt-a generous sprinkling, we use this kind:
Instructions: Combine all ingredients and spoon into muffin tin. Allow to cool completely before eating. Enjoy!
We realized halfway through making our pemmican that these bars are actually quite similar (though way pricier and lower in fat):
Here are links to the equipment I used in this video:
Meat grinder: (if I were to get another one though, I would get the stainless version
Food Processor:
If you are interested in the history and method of traditional pemmican, check out this book:
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