Published on Jul 15, 2020
Fascism is a form of government and social system which authentically serves the interests of the racially homogenous nation. Economically the government plays a central role in monitoring all banking, trade, production, and labour activity which takes place within the nation. Such monitoring is done for the sole purpose of safeguarding and advancing the nation and its people. Under Fascism, the government will not approve of any business activity unless that business has a positive impact on the nation— this is the axiom which determines everything under Fascism. Under Fascism, usury is not allowed. The government tightly controls monetary policy and banking. The government issues/prints money and lends it interest free, as needed, to grow the economy and ultimately serve the people. It also plays a key role in monitoring film, theatre, art, literature, music and education to maintain a high moral standard and prevent the dissemination of depraved material which corrupts society. Fascism is the basis of the National Socialist world view.

“. . . communism and fascism are religious ideas, because they concern themselves about the future of mankind . . . the struggle between these ideas will be the bloodiest struggle known to history. A bloody world struggle between communism and fascism is inevitable. This is the world situation that faces mankind.” – “A Program for the Jews and An Answer to all Anti-Semites;” by Jewish Marxist Harry Waton: pg. 139 -


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