'Most-wanted' pedophile mastermind arrested in France

Published on Jul 14, 2020
link: http://www.madnesshub.com/2020/07/most-wanted-paedophile-mastermind.html Previously: Mississippi Mayor & Wife Indicted on Wire Fraud Charges https://youtu.be/zevK0SKrojE
The Meghan Markle Maskle https://youtu.be/0slA9Z5rzko
Mayor of Seoul found dead, possible suicide https://youtu.be/9AKjc2GdcVM
Attorney Keith Mitchell accused in Toledo City Council bribe scheme https://youtu.be/WAyKfx4T2dY
4 Toledo City Council members arrested for bribery & extortion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JraIaKOU2Mg
Ghislaine Maxwell arrested as Prince Andrew sweats bullets https://youtu.be/N6C_Ya64Rb8
Attorns with guns https://youtu.be/cm2IAe0PuFs
'Yachts O'Trouble' - Pedophile yacht owner gets 35 yrs in federal prison https://youtu.be/fs0WRGeJ1fU
Arizona attorney pleads guilty to illegal adoption practice https://youtu.be/5l2tq2c3688
Former Israeli PM named as Sex Offender in Epstein court filings https://youtu.be/q8NqdkKM_1k
Judge Mary Shaw signed 5 no-knock warrants in 12 minutes, one of which was Breonna Taylor’s https://youtu.be/M6Q0jmGbOnI
Oxford theology prof. jailed in France for downloading child abuse images https://youtu.be/tjgNJhbTpmk
Now they want to tear Andrew Jackson's statue down https://youtu.be/vv4MAIxvvxA
German Officials Placed Children with Known Pedophiles For 30 Years https://youtu.be/cDI-Hn57Zdk
Calendar of the deep state according to Johnny Delirious https://youtu.be/WGpkPGXRZ50
17 arrested for child porn including Disney employees, nurse, underwear 'ingester' https://youtu.be/kki--KlVqEc
S Korea cuts power to border building blown up by North, N Korean Military Set To Advance Into DMZ https://youtu.be/ZBDD9EnmmPs
Previously: Oregon pedophile faces 2,750-year jail sentence https://youtu.be/sbG0VjS4ZTM
Human Trafficking Network in Spain Dismantled: 12 arrests, 1000 victims identified https://youtu.be/42E8IvuNcPU
Toronto police officer, 9 men charged in human-trafficking investigation https://youtu.be/Cz8teakvQZA
Flashback - Canadian child porn bust: Nearly 400 children rescued, 348 adults arrested https://youtu.be/xij3Lcodd2g
US national debt up $1 trillion in a single month https://youtu.be/VqY17OotRuI
Wisconsin lawyer arrested for spitting on teenager, kicking cop in groin https://youtu.be/qP3yqd__QZI
Manhattan DA refuses to prosecute protest-related arrests https://youtu.be/TyboBi_elgQ
Texas Banker who stole $11M by writing fake loans gets 7 years https://youtu.be/1KMexJa0KMA
Kim Jong-un wears white for meeting of the politburo https://youtu.be/HyHaMn-2914
Obama Foundation Tweeted George Floyd Poster 8 days before his death https://youtu.be/x3Jesl37sbE
Moderna’s Guinea Pig... 'Sickest in His Life' https://youtu.be/rOYzqyJwvlY
CA judge removed after 15 yr history of misconduct https://youtu.be/8olWJmraPoI
Two attorneys arrested for throwing a Molotov cocktail at empty NYPD van https://youtu.be/0pn0HsmTyEk
Man with umbrella breaks windows at start of Minneapolis riot https://youtu.be/kHAAQoZZrlo
National Guard activated by Minnesota Gov the after George Floyd protest https://youtu.be/_SlY-B01eMo
Another Eric Garner? Minneapolis cop killing black man caught by bystander https://youtu.be/i6YOA4F2zLU
Texas lawyers arrested for 'hiring undercover cop to kill ex-husband' https://youtu.be/VCu3FSHeW80
Unusual activity in N Korea https://youtu.be/KrfcfyZkpXA
What Really Happened with the Coast Guard? https://youtu.be/JtyBaDFic4s
Retired Principal gets 8 Yrs for child porn https://youtu.be/bu4T2kqS0Ac
The COP/Attorney Freemason brotherhood connection observed in Michigan https://youtu.be/f8w1sGyjyMI
Lindsey Graham prepares subpoenas for Obama officials on how Russia probe began https://youtu.be/V5lI3bv4g28
Portraits of Kim Jong-un's dad, grandfather removed from Kim Il Sung Square https://youtu.be/zFZ7qhxrcZM
The Mask of Dimitrios, Pt. 2 by Jeff Bennett - Let the Games Begin https://youtu.be/_Fes5zxY_q8
Obamagate; the biggest political scandal of our time https://youtu.be/EuGYRRoaa0k
Joe Scarborough joked about affair with intern & having to kill herhttps://youtu.be/jjP1_g2P8MA
The Bo & Rocko show - Rocko's traveling roadshow Pt. 3 https://youtu.be/aipdaKzPR5w
The Mask of Dimitrios, Pt. 1 by Jeff Bennett - Prelude to a Game https://youtu.be/b4S3jqFZUGM
Ralph Winterrowd - April 19, 2020 - 'The State Plan' to take it all https://youtu.be/tNR-XmWVWJ4
D.A.R.E. Cop Arrested for Running Enormous Child Porn Ring https://youtu.be/Mf-GjWXRmVw
VT Cop arrested - Tortured woman to keep her quiet about raping her as a child https://youtu.be/S_YwJgttdWM
Ukraine trafficking ring sold BABIES to single Chinese men https://youtu.be/Z3fWXYHmM9c
Bill (weasel) Gates defends China https://youtu.be/vJlkGPRafc0
Ditch Tedros & Ilk for the Children https://youtu.be/JCxYN7bPzWA
The Cloward-Piven Strategy https://youtu.be/xvTPs96__z8
Nancy Schaefer died because she wouldn't shut up: Ralph Winterrowd https://youtu.be/-SyACQjGRSA

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