TARTARIA Explained! pt7 : Classical Art, Petrifaction, Melted buildings

Published on Aug 20, 2021
Have we been lied to when it comes to the Renaissance movement and many of the most famous artists of history? Is there a cover-up going on in order to hide that these artworks belonged to an old-world artistic society? Perhaps there is a secret technique or technology that we were never told about such as an advanced carving tool, the ability to soften stone for easy manipulation, and or the process of Petrifaction. In this episode, we go over the legends and myths of Man being turned into stone that allude to there being some type of stone conversion technology possessed by the Ancients.
Did they get this knowledge thru observing some type of natural phenomena or cataclysmic event that turned most of the old world into mountains? There are countless accounts referring to cataclysms of fire, one of the most famous being the Greek myth of Phaeton as told in Plato's Timaeus.

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