Cognitive Dissonance: Left Versus Right Paradigm Deception

Published on Jul 26, 2020
Link to short,12-page PDF of USMC Major General Smedley Butler's book War is a Racket:

Paraphrased by Carey Wedler:
Poland knows what's up; they've been through **masculine(Axis Powers) and **feminine(Allied Powers) tyranny before:

**Occult Duality Keys:
**Masculine: Nazism a.k.a. National Socialism a.k.a. Fascism.
**Feminine: Bolshevik Communism a.k.a. International Socialism a.k.a. Democratic Socialism.

Taken from Brian Young's HighImpactFlix channel:
"The purpose of this video is NOT to offend...but truth is inherently offensive to those who have no REAL desire to hold fast to and live by it. The problem with statism is that statists (LEFT and RIGHT) who launch accusations of tyranny and oppression at the other party don't see the hypocrisy working in their own lives as they themselves call for their own brand of tyranny. The two party system leads to the same totalitarian destination with the bankers in complete control of the levers of power. Neither side is "AWAKE," so long as they continue to call for the chains of their own oppression and the oppression of others. If you disagree...I'd like to hear your logic-based argument."

Link to source video:

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