The Talmud-A Declaration of War on Humanity

Published on Feb 8, 2021
Did you know according to the Talmud, Jews only view themselves as human, and the rest of the planet as goyim (cattle) or animals, or even insects? No? Now you can be illuminated by the truth of Jewish teachings.
When confronted by the exposure of the Talmud and it's anti-humanist hate, the first thing you will here from jews is this is nazi propaganda.
The Simon Wiesenthal Center, a multi-million dollar rabbinical propaganda center dispatched Rabbi Daniel Landes in 1995 to deny that the Talmud dehumanizes non-Jews. "This is utter rot," he said. His proof? Why, his word, of course.
Is the real story here, that jews are not exactly human like the rest of us? Do they themselves lack human traits, such as a conscience, the inability to have real compation and human emotion for mankind?
This is the uncensored translated Talmud Texts that "HAVE NOT" been sanitized for Gentile Consumption.
Now You be the judge, by judging the Jews who judge you.


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