The Jews Run the Rap Industry

Published on May 29, 2020
Off-topic: What has Hitler done for the world, let alone the White race? Nothing (if hardly anything) at all... In fact, Hitler did more for the JEWS than he ever did for the White Race. What did Hitler do for the Jews? He gave them the holocaust, which has been one of the Jew's BIGGEST sympathy cards they've had yet which in return has given them a SHIT-LOAD of power, and Hitler also full-filled bible prophecy (which the bible is also a Jewish tool to enslave people). It was even rumored that Hitler himself was Jewish... Hitler had close ties with the Jewish Rothchilds AND the Jewish British Royals.
The Jews are a hybrid race (of parasites) I believe, and also used as decoys to keep eyes off the hosts that I believe are the true shot-callers on this planet (along with the aliens themselves, which the hosts also are), they (the Jews) tie directly into the alien hivemind that controls this planet (or the matrix). This clip is taken from one of HoodedCobra's documentaries, which I had to edit out the Jewish propaganda within it (and NO! I'm not saying Arab immigration into Europe is such propaganda, as that is really happening).
Now watch the JoS dick puffers dislike this video. :) It doesn't matter how many dislikes the videos on this channel gets, it still doesn't make any of my videos any less true, so dislike away... That's the best any of you can do (that being disliking any of the videos I post). It's really your only way to discredit any truth (potential truth or truth, truth) that I put forth, but never do I hear any reasonable debate come from you CLOWNS. It really is quite pathetic. :) Anyways... Enjoy!


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