Jesus Will Save You
Published on Apr 3, 2021
FIRST, I suggest you watch the higher quality version of this exact video here, or here, .
That way you can read the details of documents exposed.
SECOND, This is not a call to hatred or violence,
I condone only LOVE AND PEACE toward everyone, whether good or evil,
But I also condone non-violent TRUTH.
We all need to become aware of many dangers on earth.
Earth is the territory of - satan - and his many followers,
such as his 'chosen people' which are all OBSERVANT (BELIEVING) JEWISH PEOPLE.
Therefore its time we become wise and warn each other
about the very present deceptions and dangers right before us.
Again, no violence or harm of any sort is condoned by me or by Christianity in its entirety toward anybody.
Only peace and love to everybody, including toward those who hate us and wish to harm us.

The Lord revealed to me just 2 weekends ago that Jewish learned elders have a rarely known custom (rarely known even amongst jewish people) of sacrificing non-Jewish people (goyim/gentiles) but especially sacrificing my fellow Christians. Its well documented, you can read this great source here to prove it...i) target="_blank">target="_blank"> (you must bookmark this site and share it! Check the tab on left side then scroll to "the Jewish Ritual Murder." to learn more. The other sub-topics also reveal a great deal.That website was named after the infamous magazine in Germany which valiantly exposed the Jewish evils.By the way, todays Catholic Church has been intercepted by evil powers for last 300 years and they actively engage in Child rape, torture and sacrfice too. Its a massive syndicate. Please watch this vid, - 'QUEEN IN DISAPPEARNACE OF 10 CANADIAN KIDS? PART 1: KEVIN ANNET' from youtube channel SHAUN ATTWOOD. And check out PART 2 as well. Subscribe to Shauns channel. Check his playlist!

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