Secret Vaccine Ingredients Leaked from High Level Whistler Blower

Published on Sep 15, 2021
- The Elites have planned the Singularity event (AI skynet goes live) at the same time that the World Bank scheduled the end of the pandemic March 31st 2025.
-The vaccine brands are different on each Continent, therefore the virus mutations created on each continent will be different. This follows their Financial set-up for the east to rise and the west to fall. Plan your next moves accordingly.
-The vaccine is a forced technological upgrade, assimilating the population into drone workers for the AI hive mind, guided by a single collective voice. Transforming us from natural to artificial lifeforms, augmenting our bodies, and wirelessly connecting us to the quantum computer.
- Religion ultimately can not save us, it has been co-opted and controlled. It is only useful symbolically.
The truth salvation lies within you, not external. Take the middle path.
A journey of self discovery using Mediation, practice everyday for hours until you have no more ego part of your mind left
and no more run away thoughts.
-With enough hard work on yourself, mediating constantly, discovering stillness, you will eventually reincarnate to a better part of this planet or a better part of this solar system. > I posted Medical Solutions (diet) in my twitter feed, Freedom from suffering.
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