Babi Yar (Russia) Nonsense Claims, Part 1, Sept 29, 2021

Published on Oct 1, 2021
Part 1 - ⁣⁣Jim shares thoughts from THE SIX MILLION, FACT OR FICTION

Background: One of the most infamous atrocities attributed to the Einsatzgruppen (in this case, Einsatzgruppen C) is an alleged mass-murder outside Kiev in the Ukraine, known as the Babi Yar massacre. The allegation is that after the Germans occupied Kiev, a series of bombs, set off by Communist insurgents, struck the city, killing many civilians and German occupying troops. Much of the city was set on fire as a result of the bombings, and as German troops helped with putting out the blaze, a Jewish insurgent was caught cutting one of the water hoses. According to the Holocaust storytellers, the arrest of this Jew persuaded the Nazis that all the Jews in Kiev had to be killed, and Einsatzgruppen C rounded them all up over the period of September 29–30, 1941, marched them to a ravine outside the city, and shot them all—some 33,771 individuals.

There are today no remains of tens of thousands of bodies to be found at the Babi Yar site, even though a monument now stands on the spot. The Holocaust storytellers claim that the reason why there are no bodies to be found at the site—even though the story claims 33,771 people were shot there—is because the Nazis sent a special team back to the site in 1943 to exhume, burn, and crush the bones—using, of all things, tombstones from a nearby Jewish cemetery to smash the last of the bones. Of course, the time, effort and fuel it would take to exhume, stack on iron rails, burn and then crush 33,000 bodies makes the allegation absurd—but nonetheless, this is the given reason why there are no bodies present. The Soviets even produced a compliant German officer, SS-Standartenfuhrer Paul Blobel, to “confess” to having destroyed all the 33,771 bodies within a period of thirty days, from August 18 to September 19, 1943.

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