Did Jews alter our Modern Bible in order to deny Christ, and to exaggerate their victimhood?

Published on Mar 6, 2021
This video explains how long the Israelites were really in Egypt and how long they were actually in bondage, and also questions whether or not the Egyptian pyramids were built before or after the flood of Noah.
Most people believe that they were in Egypt for 430 years. But based on the evidence shown, the Israelites were actually in Egypt for only 215 years.

“Whoever copied the Hebrew text that our bibles are translated from - they removed two words that were in the original Hebrew, which causes it to seem like there's a mathematical contradiction in the Bible. But there isn't really. There's just 2 words missing. But almost nobody knows about it, so most Christians believe the wrong thing. And atheists make fun of them for not knowing how to do basic math.”

This video deals with issues of the accuracy of the Hebrew Masoretic text (from which all modern translations are derived), verses the Greek Septuagint, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Tower of Babel, the age of the Earth, an extra Cainan in Jesus' genealogy, and the identity of Melchizedek - not in that particular order.

It is funny that someone, who doesn't even have a degree, but only a high school diploma, is able to figure something like this out. Regular, every day people have enough common sense to think for themselves, and figure out the truth. Some people will disagree, but most people will look at this, and figure that it doesn't make sense for Shem to outlive all his sons and grandsons, so it makes more sense to side with the Bible that Jesus and the disciples were quoting.

What else has been change in order to manipulate and deceive?

Don V
Source: https://www.youtube.com/user/NathanH83/playlists


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