Germany defended Europe from Bolshevism (Short Clip)

Published on May 25, 2020
Original Description:
This short video was supposed to be upload on the so called "Victory Day" on May 9th - the day the communist flag raised over Berlin. Victory day for the tyrants of this world.
German men talking about the World War 2 and how they defended not only their own country but all of Europe. They don’t mention it but the Scandinavian countries would be next also my own country. I owe absolutely everything to them men, German men who faught and died and German women who got raped in the biggest mass rape in history after Berlin fell.
They saved Sweden.
They also known as “The Nazis” and de most despicable lies been told about them, I hear that from time to time here in Sweden too. It makes my blood boil every single time.
They are heroes! Men with honor!
Short clip from Cused Salad on Twitter

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