MCP 14-25 May 2007 Rothschild Bollyn Red-Cross Norman F Cantor Lenni Brenner Roosevelt=jew

Published on Jun 17, 2021
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20070525 3 “The Democrats and Republicans alike, are controlled lock stock and barrel, by the same gang”

19 “As long as Jews don’t try to impose their will upon others, and don’t exercise inordinate political clout, and try to impose their thinking on people, then they’re free to do what they want to do. But unfortunately in this country, we have this problem. We have a Jewish problem, because of the fact that there is this gigantic conglomeration of Jewish money that is used in a very negative political way. I can’t think anything more negative than war. So I’m issuing an invitation, for the powerful Jewish organisations and Jewish people in America who keep getting us into these unnecessary wars, I’m inviting them to join the human race. I’m holding out my hand and saying “join us. Become human beings. Forget about your power forget about your money forget trying to dictate to the rest of us how we should live.”

31 Shabbos Goy = a non-jew who is carrying out the jewish agenda in every possible way

20070524 repeat

20070523 25 Bobby Fisher wanted to meet MCP, 28 Bollyn was married to an Israeli woman in Intelligence, mossad did 911 – new book by MCP 40 Larry Silverstein get $2 billion, 43 jewish God is not the same God that Christians worship – Michael Hoffman

20070521 Dr Kevin MacDonald – Jewish involvement in US immigration policy, 18 technology came from the white man, 23 Roosevelt family were Jews, 27 caller – The only good jew is a dead jew, most Americans don’t have balls 41 Korea Sun Young Moon = CIA & Zionists

20070518 5 Red Cross condemns Israel for their crimes against Christians & Muslims, jew Nichols pushing for war, 10 some of the terrorist activities are by Mossad & CIA, 12 Quote by Lenni Brenner Jew Book “Jews in America today”

“The most important study of the younger Jewish community activist leadership, is Brandeis Prof Jonathan Woochers, the civil judaism of communal leaders, in the 1981 American Jewish Yearbook. Woocher looked at 309 middle and upper middle class participants, in leadership development programs of the United Jewish appeal and the community Federations. According to the professor, nearly 65% deny that Jewish values are basically the same as those of all religions, and more than 3/4 acknowledge a “special Jewish responsibility” to work for justice in the world. Nearly 60% view the Jewish contribution to modern civilisation as greater than that of any other people. 70% claimed they feel more emotion listening to Hatikvah, then they do the Star-Spangled Banner. A majority rejected the proposition that an American jew, owes his or her primary loyalty to the USA. 63% explicitly affirm that Jews are the chosen people, only 18% actually disagree.”

30 “The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), they are essentially adjuncts of the international banking houses of the Rothschild Empire. They’re facilitators for the intrigues of the international banks & the companies that are in league with them.”
Wolfowitz was behind the Philippines Marcos removal, he went against the Rothschild

42 Jewish law - if 2 jews are speaking then its private

20070517 5 Good News – Syria builds building over grave of mossad agent, Bollyn 16:55 quote by jew Prof Norman Cantor “The Sacred Chain”
The Sacred Chain by Norman F. Cantor, reviewed by Dr. William L. Pierce

“Jews in the 4 decades after 1940, came home in American society, to suburban comfort, to penetration of academia and the privileged bastions of the learner professions. To corporate business, to politics and government and controlling levels of the media. Jews were overrepresented in the learned professions by a factor of 5 or 6. In 1994, Jews were only 3% of the American population, but their impact was equivalent to any ethnic group comprising 20% of the population. Nothing in Jewish history equalled this Jewish accession to power, wealth and prominence. Not in Muslim Spain, not in early 20th century Germany, not in Israel itself. Because there were no comparable levels of wealth and power on a world-class scale, in that small country to attain. The Morgans, the Rockefellers, the Hermans, the Roosevelts, the Kennedys, the titans of bygone eras, they have been superseded by the jew, as the flawless achiever.”

21 Newhouse family

20070516 good Adolph Hitler quote
The Dark side of the Anti-Defamation League ADL of Bnai Brith 2012
MCP Straight to HELL with the ADL, Hitler Peace Prize 21 Feb 2008
Mary Phagan RIP - Leo Frank Case Atlanta Georgia Greatest Murder Mystery - 1913 ADL
They Won't Forget 1937 - Mary Phagan - Leo frank ADL Bnai Brith -
The Murder Of Little Mary Phagan By Mary Phagan Kean 1987
The Murder of Mary Phagan 1988 (2nd jewish movie)

20070515 Eric Hufschmid – limited hangout – avoids Zionist connection to 911, 16 Chrysler bought out by jews Cerberus – Stephen Feinberg, 24 Jerry Falwell dead & in hell,
29 “When the good people in the military, finally do what they need to do and take command of this country and restore our republican form of government and kick out our Zionist controllers, grab control of the media. I hope the first and they do, would be to dynamite the headquarters of the New York Times. That publication needs to be thoroughly totally destroyed. The absolute memory of the New York Times needs to be wiped from our institutional memory. New York Times has played a major role in destroying this country.”
30 list of people quoting that War in Iraq was for Israel,

20070514 FOS, 11 Eric john Phelps = scum, 17 Book Vincent T Bugliosi, 35 Note: the caller is wrong – the Reichstag was burnt by jews (goto show dated 20060421 & book - Adolf Hitler The Definitive Biography by John Toland
& The Journal of Historical Review - Vol 15 Mysterious Collapse of an Egyptian Civilization Revilo P. Oliver Reichtag!Uk5l0SoC!vbUyvT_AcXJstOaH_MkLHxInd243VChShdOEJaJxusc
& MCP 26-29 Dec 2006 Holocaust, Bollyn insults David Irving, Jews burnt German Reichtag, JFK
37 The British Empire is hardly anything more than a front for the Rothschild family, and a lot of Jewish banking families that are inter married with the royal family and the so-called elite of Britain.
Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson - Sassoon China Opium Wars USA and Neo-Liberalism
David Sassoon (jew) the world’s biggest drug dealer, and how he destroyed China using Opium
39 Russia Putin & Chabbard Lubervich Talmudic jews


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