Lyrids Meteor Shower, Comets of 1861, Comets C/2020 R4 ATLAS, C/2021 D1 (SWAN) & C/2020 T2 (PALOMAR)

Published on Apr 14, 2021
The Lyrids meteor shower is the debris tail of one of the Comets currently in the solar system; possibly R4 (ATLAS), D1 (SWAN) or a Comet that just passed above the ecliptic & this is the same direction the Lyrids are coming from.
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Comets currently in the inner solar system are C/2020 R4 ATLAS, C/2021 D1 (Swan) & C/2020 T2 (Palomar), plus others.

Lyrids meteor shower:

Comets of 1861:

Orbital Diagrams of current Comets in the Solar System:
Comet Thatcher's obit :;old=0;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=0

Comet R4 Atlas orbit:;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=0#orb

Comet D1 Swan's orbit:

Comet & aurora images:

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