Mass migration and the downfall of European civilisation as we know it | Lets talk about it

Published on May 9, 2021
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So, a couple of days ago there was somewhat of a political earthquake in Sweden when the Sweden Democrats made a joint proposal with the traditional centre-right parties and the liberals. PICTURE
What made it surprising was that it was about migration, the biggest issue in Sweden that has divided the political class for many many years.

These parties were forced to come to an agreement because the main law regarding migration in Sweden is expiring.

Of course the Sweden democrats for example and the liberals don’t agree with each other on the concept of migration as a whole but the fact that they’re at least talking seems like a step in the right direction for Sweden.

The details however are frankly pretty boring and what struck me the most about their agreement, is how far behind Sweden is in the migration debate compared to the rest of Europe.

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