Babi Yar (Russia) Nonsense Claims, Part 2, Sept 30, 2021

Published on Oct 1, 2021
PART 2 -

Wartime aerial photograph of the Babi Yar Ravine, taken at the exact time that the SS was allegedly exhuming, cremating, and crushing tens of thousands of bodies. If the Babi Yar massacre had occurred as claimed, the whole area would have seen massive earth displacements, burning stacks of bodies, and frenetic human activity. Instead, the entire area is completely undisturbed. The photo is available from the US National Archives and is listed as: GX 3938 SG, exposure 105.

The aerial photographs do, however, reveal the existence of ten mass graves in the Ahovtnevyi borough of Kiev and in the general area of Babi Yar, situated closed to a labor camp set up by the German occupiers called Syretz. Going by their size, these graves likely contain several hundred bodies—but the dead would most likely be those who perished during the two years of German occupation. In addition, at the nearby Orthodox Lukianivsky cemetery, another, larger mass grave can be seen. This one would appear to contain several hundred victims of the very public German executions of partisan fighters by the Einsatzgruppen.

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