MCP 6-17 Aug 2007 Reckless rites Purim and the legacy of jewish violence, 911, jfk, Mark Glenn

Published on Jul 13, 2021
Eustace Mullins confirms the true definition of “Hebrew” = Cut-throat Bandits from across the river

20070817 USA torture of people, John Ashcroft the jew
5 Immediately after 911, within a week, I was writing in American Free Press, suggesting that the evidence was very strong indeed that not only did Israel have foreknowledge of the events of 911, but that Israel most likely was the prime mover behind 911. We know that attorney general John Ashcroft released 70 Israelis of having and foreknowledge or having been involved in 911.

Israel and its intelligence service, the mossad, and their allies in the United States government, were behind 911, for one very simple reason, they wanted to turn the United States against Muslim world. Who was the big winner on 911? It was the Israelis.

If we ever get our government back, there must be hell to pay for the people who have sold our country down the drain, and abandoned their country in favour of foreign agenda and foreign interests. The Jews are always saying “never again” because of the Holocaust, that has to be the refrain of the American people “never again” will we allow our country to be subject to these false Flag terrorist attacks.

11:20 The mossad was the prime mover behind the JFK assassination. I’m absolutely convinced of it, more so than ever since I first began writing my book “Final Judgment The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination” way back in 1992. (Never forget that the mossad is Israeli and Israel is under the control of the Rothschild criminal family),

Final Judgment presentation

OCB, ADL hated MLK, 1st attack on WTC = mossad,

26 We have nuclear escalation in the Middle East, if George W Bush is to be believed. He tells us that Iran wants nuclear weapons, & Syria wants nuclear weapons, & so on…. But why do they want nuclear weapons? Because there’s a tiny little gangster state. A troubled and troublesome country. A country that has all sorts of problems within. A country where religious fanaticism, racism and hatred for non-Jews, is the guiding philosophy based on the Jewish Talmud.

20070816 Hitler was not insane, 8 Sampson Option – is it real ? 911 hijackers material was planted, Israel considers WMD program as Sacred, Newt Gingrich, 19 Purim - eat Haman’s ear, 23 Book by Jame Petras “the power of Israel in the US”, Mearsheimer John - Walt Stephen ‘The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy’ being attacked, 26 Ry Dawson Plug, 42 Dr E Michael Jones talked about jewish involvement with 911,

The Samson Option: Israel's Nuclear Arsenal & American Foreign Policy by Seymour Hersh

20070815 11 excellent special show on book by Elliott Horowitz - Reckless rites Purim and the legacy of jewish violence!9oIS1IgR!mDfLI5_ROmXSGw_rB4Km6w

20070814 guest Jim Condit Jnr – vote fraud

20070813 Rudolph Giuliani wife = scumbag – jew accuses MCP of threat, 16 French Cardinal John Marie Lustiger = dead jew and in hell

20070810 guest host Mark Glenn – 20 Eustace Mullins confirms “Hebrew” = cut throat bandits from across the river

20070809 guest host Mark Glenn – 8 Tel Aviv has 300 brothels & over 4 000 sex slaves (non-jews)

20070808 guest host Mark Glenn – guest Hesham Tillawi – how Muslims treat women, 14 Islam is a continuation of Christianity Dr MRJ confirms this
30 Quran does not have teachings to kill Christians – other than at the beginning of the religion from Saudi Arabia (i.e. jews)

20070807 guest host Mark Glenn – 23 “Judaism is not nor ever has been a religion. It’s nothing but a conspiracy of criminals.”

20070806 3 Holocaust survivors in Israel are complaining that the Israeli government is denying the Holocaust, the $8 Billion which Israel extorted from Germany for Holocaust went into building infrastructure & military, 279 000 Holocaust survivors in 2002 in Israel – 60% below the poverty line, Mit Romney = jew, 10 Eric Hufschmit related to Rupert Murdoch, 17 Jews pushing for war with Russia / Putin, 21 Openhimer – Church of Scientology taken over by jewish lawyers, 23 Rudolf Giuliani wife

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