MCP 1-11 Oct 2007 phone-calls tapped by Israel, NO MORE WARS FOR ISRAEL Dianna’s chauffeur = mossad

Published on Aug 3, 2021
Never forget Eustace Mullins confirms the true definition of “Hebrew” = Cut-throat Bandits from across the river
20071011 day before NO MORE WARS FOR ISRAEL conference
20071010 MCP destroys a stupid Christian Zionist caller who loves Israeli jews

20071009 19 ADL & KKK have same affirmative action, 28 The New World Order NWO is a fancy way of saying a “jewish controlled one world government”, that’s what they wrote about in the Protocols.
37 Israel was the first group of criminals to use terrorism,
42 If I have to take sides between Islamo fascism and Judeo fascism, I’m gonna side with the Islamo fascists, because the Judeo fascists have a far more destructive historical record, as far as Western civilisation is concerned, than a bunch of tin-pot terrorists with box cutters, who supposedly took down the World Trade Centre.

20071008 repeat

20071005 5 guest Mark Glenn, 12 phone calls tapped by Israeli jews, history of MCP being wiretapped / spied, 22 we should declare war on Israel, 31 Syanim
for those who don’t know the definition of Syanim, goto - Lindsey Narrates - Sayanim israeli Operatives in the US and and Is Sarkozy a Mossad Sayan? 2010

20071004 5 Princes Dianna inquest re-opened – Dianna’s chauffer = mossad informant, Mark Lane worked on Dianna inquest, 8 Bollyn claiming that ‘No more wars for Israel’ = a Zionist plot, Bollyn paid $ 266 000 + $ 60 000 for expenses from AFP, 16 Holocaust education bill, 18 David Irving now states that Nazis killed 2.4 million jews, (refer to my pdf – search title “David Irving submitted to criminal jews”, Mark Webber scum, mossad behind marine barracks, 26 Solomon Rothschild letter ‘because I represent the greatest Jewish house in the world.”, Rothschild stirred up the civil war, 29 book “The Provincials, a personal history of jews in the south” by Elli Evans, Rosenfield jew tore down Israeli flag, 31 General Ulysses Grant kicked out jews in the USA – Bollyn’s wife relative went to Lincoln to overturn it


20071002 Korean Sun Myung Moon = CIA agent, 7 Hamas funded by Israel bank Lumir – Dan Quail, 14 proper definition of Jihad = “Constant struggle, struggling spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, physically in all respects.”, 16 Book by Michael Berkowitz “the crime of my very existence’, Holocaust, 19 3rd US Army Intelligence report winter 1946 “The Modern Wandering Jew” “Large scale investigations into the mass movements of Polish Jews into the territory of the 3rd US Army, revealed that these movements are financed and fostered by Zionist Groups”,

24 Jew Nacho Goldman quote confirm jews were living well with Muslims, 26 quote from jewish leader meeting in 1946 “the Jews who survived and who constitute the displaced persons population, do not represent the best of Jewry. They were those who the SS selected for survival. The best of European Jewry, the less vigorous and the cultured, were exterminated. A small percentage of the survivors are educated. The spiritual problem of the survivors is complicated either factor to DPs (displaced persons) consist of diversions groups. The ex-patriots are demoralised, and come with an orientation which is unique to them. Those who hid as Aryans are not necessarily the best of Jewry.” i.e. Abe Foxman is a stupid jew and not of the best,

39 we either give up or have to continue fighting, MCP’s phone was wiretapped,

Michael Berkowitz
Forging Modern Jewish Identities _ Public Faces and Private Struggles-Vallentine Mitchell (2003)
The Crime of My Very Existence_ Nazism and the Myth of Jewish Criminality (S. Mark Taper Foundation Imprint in Jewish Studies) (2007)
The Jewish self-image_ American and British perspectives, 1881-1939-Reaktion Books (2000)

20071001 Guest host Mark Glenn

Show lengths 1=44:58 2=45.29 3=44:26 4=44:33 5=45.20 9=43.28 10=43.31 11=44.25

MCP quotes (this same link will be regularly updated)

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