Chapter 9: The Final Solution of the Jewish Question [Propaganda Warning]

Published on Jul 1, 2020
I in no way endorse what they are trying to push in this video, i am just posting this up cause i was watching it and just shaking my head at the (((connections.)))

Original (((Subverted))) Description:
Mansour Omari, a Syrian human rights activist who was imprisoned for nine months and tortured by the Assad regime, smuggled out scraps of cloth recording the names of all 82 of his cellmates. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is exhibiting them to raise awareness of atrocities committed by the regime. This is Mansour’s story. [Paragraph] Mansour recently visited Germany to learn about how that society has memorialized victims of the Holocaust. In chapter 9, Mansour speaks with Dr. Matthias Hass of the House of the Wannsee Conference (a memorial and education site), who tells him about the meeting that took place there during which Nazi bureaucrats planned the execution of the Holocaust. More recently, German ministries have researched their actions during the Nazi era. "If we want to create a new, a better society," Hass says, "we need to face the history."

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