Palästinalied (Music Video) ~ Crusader Song (Female Version) ~ Middle-High-German & English Lyrics

Published on Jan 31, 2021
Palästinalied is a German Teutonic knight song. Palästinalied (Palestine Song, also known as Kreuzlied "Song of the Cross"), was written by Walther von der Vogelweide, the most celebrated German mediaeval lyric poet. Its subject matter is Palestine and the crusades. It is Walther's only song where not only the text but also the original tune was handed down to modern times. The full song consists of 13 strophes in Middle High German. Modern performers usually use only a few of these strophes.
Artist: Annwn
Composer: Walther von der Vogelweide
Lyricist: Walther von der Vogelweide
Nû alrêst lebe ich mir werde,
sît mîn sündic ouge siht
daz here lant und ouch die erde,
der man sô vil êren giht.
ez ist geschehen, des ich ie bat,
ich bin komen an die stat,
dâ got menischlîchen trat.
Schoeniu lant, rîch unde hêre,
swaz ich der noch hân gesehen,
sô bist dûz ir aller êre.
waz ist wunders hie geschehen!
daz ein magt ein kint gebar,
hêre über aller engel schar,
was daz niht ein wunder gar?
Dô er sich wolte übr uns erbarmen,
hie leit er den grimmen tôt,
er vil rîche übr uns vil armen,
daz wir komen ûz der nôt.
daz in dô des niht verdrôz,
dâst ein wunder alze grôz,
aller wunder übergnoz.
Kristen, juden und die heiden
jehent, daz diz ir erbe sî.
got müez ez ze rehte scheiden
durch die sîne namen drî.
al diu welt, diu strîtet her:
wir sîn an der rehten ger.
reht ist, daz er uns gewer.
Vrowe min, durch iuwer güete
nu vernemet mine clage,
daz ir durch iuwer hochgemüete
nicht erzuernet, waz ich sage.
Vil lihte daz ein tumber man
misseredet, als er wol kann.
daran solt ir iuch nicht keren an
For the very first I am alive to myself,
since my sinful eye beholds
the noble land, and also that earth
to which so much honour is given.
That has come to pass for which I have ever prayed:
I have come to the place
where God walked in human form.
Such fair lands, rich and noble,
as I have seen elsewhere,
you are the honour of them all,
what miracles have come to pass here!
That a maid bore a child,
lord over all the angelic host,
was this not a perfect miracle?
He took our sins on his shoulders,
here he suffered grim death,
he, most rich, on us, most poor,
that we might escape from woe.
That he was not vexed by this,
this is a miracle all too great,
beyond all other miracles.
Christians, Jews, and heathens
all say that this is their patrimony.
God must decide this justly,
by his three names.
All the world is warring here;
we are pursuing a just claim,
so it is just that He grant it.
My lady, by your goodness,
now hear my complaint,
that by your high-mindedness
what I say may not anger you.
Very easily will a foolish man
speak wrongly, as he may well do;
let this not perturb you.


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