😁 Lmfao the hypocrisy. Muslim attacks on Jews & temples inside & out of Israel exposes intolerance for non-Muslim autonomy

Published on Jun 28, 2021
http://JooTube.TV Jews gathered in Los Angeles on May 16th to counter days-earlier, Muslim & Communist revolutionaries' protests to Israel's response to Hamas rocketing Israeli civilians. In several Israeli integrated Muslim / Jewish cities, some anti-Israel Muslim citizens of Israel attacked Jewish civilians in public. Also, Muslims attacked synagogues, forcing Jewish worshippers to flee, protecting their Torah (Bible) Scrolls. Muslims & Left-wing supremacists in other major western cities, (e.g. London, Paris, New York, and Los Angeles) also attacked Jewish civilians (and synagogues) in the streets. How will Jews be guaranteed tranquility under notions of either a combined one-Israel/Palestine state, or an adjacent two (Israel AND Palestine) state - when Islamist bigotry towards Christians and Jews dominates both Muslim societies (e.g., Arab and Africa) as well as Christian and Jewish societies (Europe, Israel, and now North America)? Differing Jewish attendees voice their views in the wake of the attacks on Jews inside of Israel and Los Angeles.


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