The Angel Hospitaller? [Kingdom of Heaven]

Published on Sep 10, 2021
Have you heard of the theory of the Angel Hospitaller in Kingdom of Heaven? David Thewlis leaves us scratching our heads as to the true identity of his character in the 2005 Ridley Scott's Medieval Film.

*Summary of the 20 seconds cut from the video*

Due to a copyright issue 20 seconds of the original video had to be chopped out. It's really nothing too significant, none of my voice was cut out. The cut occurs at the 11:31 mark, you'll notice there is a bit of oddness in the editing there, that is due to a cut-out of a tiny bit of dialogue from the clip (to satisfy the copyright detection issue). The dialogue of the scene is when Balian says "At any rate... it seems I've lost my Religion" and the Hospitaller responds "I put no stock in Religion. by the word Religion I've seen the lunacy of fanatics of every denomination behold the Will of God. I've seen too much Religion in the eyes of too many Murders." --- You will notice the jump cut at 11:32 picks up with the Hospitaller saying "Holiness is in right actions" and the rest of the Video-Essay carries on from there. I am upset that some good bits of the Hospitaller's Dialogue was removed but I am happy that the Original Video you current see here is still available for viewing.

I ultimately believe the loss of those 20 seconds of Hospitaller dialogue is not "essential" to the core key points of the essay. The video still functions very well as it is now. If given the choice to remove a bit of Clip Dialogue or a bit of the Written Essay, I'd prefer to chop out a tiny bit of clip instead of a tiny bit of what I wrote for this video essay.

This video of mine had been published since April 2020, in November 2020 the algorithm finally picked up on what it saw as "copyrighted" material (despite that fact that this IS Fair Use and also the fact several other YouTubers such as Film Radar, Like Stories of Old, History Buffs and many many others have made Kingdom of Heaven Video-Essays). I of course tried several disputes & appeals (to no avail) eventually the final option and only option to save the video from being removed entirely was to chop out 20 seconds of the video, and thus I did.

Well now you know.
Have a good day!

- Will

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