[English] Korean Socialism Which Guarantees Full Human

Published on Nov 17, 2021
NK is under the cosh of embargo and financial confiscation by the (((central banker crime families))).

What is Juche ?

Juche political system

Unbeknown to us we may have an ally against Zio-Marxist/Maoist China and worldwide Jewish Zionism in the country known as

North Korea!!

The usual reason for Zio-Marxist China and Jewish Zionism to feed us misinformation about a land and its leader is because it is in opposition to Jewish Zionist ‘democracy = communism’. North Korea is a nuclear power with 25M+ inhabitants all on military standby in case of an invasion from Zio-Marxist China.

China is financed by the Jewish Zionist banking crime families. Consequently this indicates that North Korea may have something to offer nationalism and suggests that the White movement should pursue a detailed study of the Juche political system operating in North Korea.

NK seems to be working their interpretation of the Gottfried Feder economic model, similar to how Muammar Gadhafi of Syria managed his nation and people, using national principles with the social conscience.

NK Juche is not full of immigrants or rainbow degenerates in high office. Only NK are allowed and I dont see visual miscegenation in any form.


Critique of North Korean Juche Political Ideology - Like a victory - https://www.goyimtv.tv/v/2780708330/Critique-of-North-Korean-Juche-Political-Ideology---Like-a-victory

North Korea Juche



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