Madd Cold - The Eternal Bolivarian (V/V): Comandante’s Second Ascent

Published on Oct 11, 2021
From Madd Cold's Album: Son of Kufa Volume 1: Rise of the Anomaly
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Madd Cold's political analysis website:
To say that Chavez is dead is a
twisted, worthless fallacy/Chavez is
a people on their feet, not just a single
gifted personality/Chavez is a nation,
Chavez is the face of an entire continent/Chavez is living
anti-hegemony, that defies the opulence/Chavez is the phoenix that emerges from the ashes
of an Empire with declining dominance/No doubt that rival Washington, stamped and
bleeped and it burned/When you facilitated Ortega coming back to the spotlight, in the
Sandanistas’ return/
Gave birth to Bolivia’s Evo Morales and the legendary brother ain’t
do things the easy way/A ferocious soldier, kicking out McDonalds, Coca Cola, Zionist Jew
Philip Goldberg and the DEA/Kicked out the Israeli envoy also, after you Hugo, Evo is the
illest and the grittiest man/Viva Evo, told the Zionist squatters that they ain’t welcome on
Bolivian land/Together you bonded resistant Latin America with our Palestinian fam/Hugo
gave us Rafael Correa, making Ecuador part of your fly, handy crew/Dun told the US, you
want yourself a military base here, okay, clear, but we want ourselves a base in Miami
too/Fights the bankers, fights for the poor and fights privatization/Elected over and over,
like you he inspires his nation/Even though in Honduras and Paraguay, the CIA came then
played the decider/Hugo, you still gave birth to Lugo and paved the way for Zelaya/Helped
free Argentina ‘cause you gave birth to the Kirchners/Chavez the Liberator, you ain’t come
to wage war but wage work for the workers/
With Nicolas Maduro Moros as your
successor, the scepter of Bolivarianism won't get lower, just higher/You should see how
mad the Zionists are, their whining is large, crying because the good brother is a bus
driver/The brother has your clutch fire, that passion and no mercy when he checks
devils/Your spiritual son, your protégé ready to mold and take Venezuela to the next
level/Diosdado Cabello is with him too so let the monsters plot their coups and color
revolts/All their schemes are gonna blow up in their faces ‘till their neocon makers are all
covered in smoke/
They can sanction, they can subvert, but the Bolivarian government
won’t/succumb to the scum ‘cause the Venezuelan people have come too far, it is an
undeniable gift/Bolivarianism fostered a societal shift/In the forests, in the rivers, in the
mountains there is Hugo even in the droplets of rain/Hugo Chavez is the catalyst who
ignited the Venezuelan consciousness change/So nobody dare say Chavez is dead, put that
nonsense in the shredder/Comandante, the Global South is united in your memory so take
solace in the knowledge we’re together/Viva, Chavez, he who cannot die because, Chavez is
Viva, Chavez!
Viva Venezuela!
Viva la Revolucion Bolivariana!


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