Pastor William Finck Exposed

Published on Jun 18, 2021
When pressed by Jim Rizioli, Finck couldn't explain where it was in the Scripture that proves Eve had sex with the devil. He talked about papers he has supposedly written but couldn't come up with it out of his own mind. It has been said of him that Rabbis write his papers and this would certainly support that. It has also been said that the jews paid off the court judgement against him. A Civil Lawsuit was filed in Federal Court against him and the County that employed him. Totally discredits himself in this interview. He was almost a deer in the headlights. He could however remember to promote the False Apostle Paul though. he is still on Facebook according to one of the Brethren. That should speak volumes to you. Here's my comment from the vid
Jim, I told you there are many agents in C. I. I am not affiliated with it. Finck is an agent. He has destructive doctrines that discredit C.I. Yahweh doesn't make Pastors from people who are Murderers. Listen to this voice. It is not a White man's voice. It is a whiny jew voice. I have heard this fellow and he is disingenuous for sure. I don't buy it for a second. This interview is an embarrassment to him. You exposed this fellow. Good job! In the comment section here, he has his dupes giving him the only good comments and likes. FAKER! This is an imitation man of Yahweh. You can always tell the real from the imitation. It is glaringly obvious! This smiling Cheshire cat who thinks he's got everybody fooled was not smiling in this interview. Finck said blacks were created in hell....HUH?

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