Hey KIDS! - Sing Along Time - Read Info and Pass the AMMO

Published on Jun 3, 2021
So we are having the national month of lgbtxyz409.6slideitinanywherejoe month in case you didnt know.
Blues Clues even got worse after steve left with eyes so blackened he looked like a dead man walking left.. or ?

Appears those countries south of the us border said NOPE.. and pulled plug on the shtnetwork nik-HOLE-o-dean. Finally. Now boycott all things nik network and we be on a good start! Cant stop them from this nonsense but we can make sure they dont have their pockets stuffed with out $$ as much as possible! Next up, childrens TELL A VISION network and its voodoo!


-Blue-s Clues is a long-running preschool TV show that has played on Nickelodeon Jr. since 1996. -Blue-s Clues became the highest-rated show for preschoolers on American commercial television and was critical to Nickelodeon-s growth,- Wikipedia says. The lyrics of its -Pride Month- song, which appears to be sung by a cartoon drag queen, include the following:

-This family has two mommies, they love each other so proudly.-
-This family has two daddies, they love each other so proudly.-

-These babas are nonbinary, they love each other so proudly.-
-Trans members of this family all love each other so proudly.-

-Some people choose their family, they love each other so proudly.-
-Ace, bi, and pan grownups, you see, can love each other so proudly.-
-All families are made differently, they love each other so proudly.-

This is clearly intended to catechize small children into false and damaging beliefs about the human person. Slogan repetition is a basic propaganda technique. So is incorporating radical ideas into non-threatening and cheerful contexts.


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